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Klüber Constant OY K (gamma)

Klüber Constant OY K (gamma)


In the automotive industry as well as in the production of other industrial and consumer goods, sintered metal plain bearings often have to satisfy a variety of requirements. CONSTANT OY K fully synthetic oils offer a solution matching the needs of sintered metal plain bearings requiring long-term lubrication under arduous conditions. CONSTANT OY K oils have been designed for both low and high-temperature applications. These oils are availability in any viscosity grade matching your specific requirements. The special additives allow CONSTANT OY K to be used in a wide temperature range. The oils offer added reserve capacity in the upper service temperature range. They offer good anticorrosive effect on both iron and bronze bearings. CONSTANT OY K oils can be used for lifetime lubrication of sintered metal plain bearings.


CONSTANT OY K oils are intended for the lubrication of sintered metal plain bearings used in precision engineering, electrical engineering, the automotive sector and household appliances.

Application notes

The pores of sintered metal plain bearings are filled with CONSTANT OY K by means of vacuum immersion. For a longer service life, the ready-to-use product MIKROZELLA G...OY K with the respective base oil viscosity can be applied to the outer surface of the bearing by means of conventional, fully automatic lubricating systems. We recommend conducting a test with the original lubricating system under practical operating conditions.

  • Innovative product concept with special additives
  • Improved high-temperature performance through extended thermal stability
  • Longer component life due to good ageing and oxidation stability
  • Versatile uses due to good corrosion protection
  • Enables energy savings due to low starting and running torques

Disponibile nelle versioni:

  • Klüber Constant OY 32 K
  • Klüber Constant OY 46 K
  • Klüber Constant OY 68 K
  • Klüber Constant OY 100 K
  • Klüber Constant OY 150 K
  • Klüber Constant OY 220 K
  • Klüber Constant OY 390 K

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