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Klüber Grafloscon C-SG 500 Plus

Klüber Grafloscon C-SG 500 Plus


GRAFLOSCON C-SG 500 PLUS, a sprayable adhesive lubricant based on mineral oil, is aluminium complex saponified and contains solid lubricant (fine graphite). It is resistant to high pressure and is provided with anti-wear additives, adhesion improvers and corrosion inhibitors.
GRAFLOSCON C-SG 500 PLUS is free from bitumen, solvents and lead.


GRAFLOSCON C-SG 500 PLUS can be used to lubricate open rolling drives (spur and bevel gears), slide and guide rails, large chain drives, etc., especially at high component temperatures. It is particularly suitable for rubbing seals (steel/steel) in rotary kilns or drums.

Application note

GRAFLOSCON C-SG 500 PLUS is usually applied by automatic spraying equipment. Force-feed lubrication systems can also be used, especially for smaller drives. The product can also be applied manually using the Klübermatic LB hand ,sprayer. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Benefits for your application

  • Operational lubricant for open drives, sliding and guide rails, rubbing seals
  • No lead additives
  • Can be applied through automatic spraying equipment
  • Suitable for increased component temperatures


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