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Klüber Isoflex PDL 300 A

Klüber Isoflex PDL 300 A


ISOFLEX PDL 300 A is a synthetic high-performance grease for low temperatures. It consists of ester oil and lithium soap. Owing to its well-balanced texture and consistency, this special grease ensures uniformly low starting and running torques.


ISOFLEX PDL 300 A is suitable for plain and rolling bearings, and for sliding points such as cams, bolts, meters, cam plates, and adjusting rings used in automotive, telecommunications and precision engineering, in instruments, and in cryotechnology applications.

Application notes

The lubricant is applied by brush, spatula, or grease gun. Owing to the different compositions of elastomers and plastic materials, compatibility tests are indispensable before series application.


  • For low temperatures
  • Uniformly low starting and running torque
  • Resistant to ageing and oxidation
  • Good corrosion protection

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