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Klüber Primium Fluid Special

Klüber Primium Fluid Special


The textile industry is demanding chain oils offering ever higher thermal stability and longer relubrication intervals. With these requirements in mind, we developed our synthetic high-temperature chain oil PRIMIUM FLUID SPECIAL. PRIMIUM FLUID SPECIAL is a synthetic wear-protecting chain oil of medium viscosity forming an adhesive lubricating film. It is based on ester and synthetic hydrocarbons. PRIMIUM FLUID SPECIAL was designed to ensure reliable wetting of the metal surfaces in contact and protect the chain against wear and premature failure. Due to the low evaporation losses and the good antiwear effect, PRIMIUM FLUID SPECIAL enables longer relubrication intervals and consequently lower operating costs.


PRIMIUM FLUID SPECIAL is a high-performance hightemperature
chain oil for use at high operating temperatures in
various types of chains.
Typical chain types are oil-lubricated stenter chains of all
designs such as

  • roller chains
  • chains or clips with ball bearings - combined lubrication of
    ball bearings, chain links and sliding rails
  • sliding chains in single-layer stenters, multi-layer stenters,
    festoon dryers, festoon steamers, coating installations -
    lubrication of sliding rails, chain links and chain pins

Application notes

PRIMIUM FLUID SPECIAL can normally be used to replace other Klüber Lubrication chain oils without specific preparations. It is miscible and compatible with our chain oils so under normal operating conditions the chain system does not require prior cleaning. Oil reservoirs, however, should be completely drained prior to filling them with PRIMIUM FLUID SPECIAL. PRIMIUM FLUID SPECIAL can be applied by means of customary pumping, spraying and metering equipment provided the manufacturers' viscosity instructions are observed. Lubrication intervals and quantities are determined by the chain design, lubrication technique and the variable operating conditions. At operating temperatures > 180 °C, chain oil consumption in stenter chains will be at approx. 1.5 to 2 ml of oil per chain metre and shift. Chain sliding rails should be lubricated continuously or at rather short intervals, taking into account the chain design and length. Long lubrication intervals
tend to heighten the risk of wear damage due to lubricant starvation. It is better to apply precisely metered lubricant quantities at regular intervals, i.e. at least once per day or shift. Overlubrication should be avoided as splashing oil might contaminate the fabric. If you wish to optimise the service life of your equipment or have any other questions regarding your application, our experts will be pleased to help you. We look forward to hearing from you.


  • For service temperatures up to approx. 250 °C
  • Good wear protection
  • Low evaporation loss at high temperatures


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