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Klüberbio Z 2-5 (Gamma)

Klüberbio Z 2-5 (Gamma)


Klüberbio Z 2-5 is a thin-bodied, fully synthetic, rust-removing agent with excellent penetration properties. This special penetrating oil provides reliable lubrication and corrosion protection without formation of unwanted gum or residues.


Rust removing agent For all corroded parts, e.g. screws, bolts, hinges, sliding fits etc. The fluid distributes and penetrates readily. Thin localised corrosion films are dissolved quickly by contact with the lubricant. Extreme corrosion films may take slightly longer to dissolve. Lubricant Reliable lubrication of chains, bearings, springs, sliding points, wire ropes, locks, hinges, antennas and joints. Application of a thin lubricating film reduces friction and wear considerably. Cleaning agent Removes residues and bitumen on large girth gear and pinion drives when changing lubricants and provides good corrosion protection.

Application notes

Klüberbio Z 2-5 is supplied ready-to-use. Application may be via brush, aerosol, or hand sprayer Klübermatic KD. Apply the product to the corrosion spots and allow to soak.


  • Eco-friendly, because readily biodegradable
  • Easy to apply, as ready-to-use and easily spray-applied
  • Less cleaning required, because fully synthetic product with no tendency to gumming
  • Less maintenance required as the product provides a cleaning, lubricating and anticorrosion effect at the same time

Disponibile nelle versioni:

  • Klüberbio Z 2-5
  • Klüberbio Z 2-5 Spray

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