Klüberquiet BQ 74-73 N

Klüberquiet BQ 74-73 N


Klüberquiet BQ 74-73 N is a rolling bearing grease based on synthetic hydrocarbon, ester oil and urea. It was especially developed for the lubrication of high-speed ball bearings operating at high temperatures. With its unique combination of carefully selected raw materials, Klüberquiet BQ 74-73 N offers – low-noise operation proved in tests on noise test rigs such as SKF BeQuiet – long bearing life – wide service temperature range with excellent lowtemperature characteristics


Klüberquiet BQ 74-73 N was developed for applications requiring low-noise operation and long service lives, e.g. ball bearings in electric motors, fans, air conditioners, generators and belt tighteners in cars, spindle bearings as well as motor spindles in machine tools, electric as well as other household appliances and office equipment. Because of its consistency, Klüberquiet BQ 74-73 N can be used for rolling bearings that are mounted vertically or have a rotating outer ring.

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