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Klübersynth CTH 2-260

Klübersynth CTH 2-260


The textile industry is demanding high-temperature chain oils offering ever higher thermal stability and longer relubrication intervals. With these requirements in mind, we developed our synthetic high-temperature chain oil Klübersynth CTH 2-260. Klübersynth CTH 2-260 is a special high-temperature chain oil for reliable lubrication at high operating temperatures and loads. Klübersynth CTH 2-260 has low evaporation losses at high temperatures and does not form varnish build-up when used correctly - it is important to keep friction points covered with an oil film at all times. Klübersynth CTH 2-260 also regenerates pasty used oil at the friction points to ensure sufficient lubrication. It also offers good creeping ability, ensuring quick lubricant film formation. Due to the low evaporation losses and the good antiwear effect, Klübersynth CTH 2-260 enables longer relubrication intervals and consequently lower operating costs. Findings about Klübersynth CTH 2-260 obtained in tests and field use: 

  • High viscosity index for easy cold starting of your machine, reducing power input with better viscosity-temperature behaviour.
  • Improved penetration and better wetting of the lubrication and friction points, in particular the chain links.
  • Good adhesion and sufficient carry-over in long machines.
  • Less oil residue for reduced chain contamination and extended chain cleaning intervals if applied evenly and appropriately dosed.
  • Prevents adhesion of most condensates on the friction points.
  • Effective lubrication also at high operating temperatures.
  • No varnish build-up with total loss lubrication. – Low evaporation rate at high temperatures
  • Regenerates pasty used oil at the lubrication and friction points for improved lubrication.
  • Good compatibility with non-ferrous metals.
  • Good spreading and wetting ability in chains with plastic sprags.


With Klübersynth CTH 2-260, the range of Klüber Lubrication high-temperature chain oils has been consistently upgraded. The product can replace other Klüber Lubrication chain oils for high operating temperatures. It can be used for all types of oil-lubricated stenter chains, e.g.

  • roller chains
  • chains or clips with ball bearings - combined lubrication of ball bearings, chain links and sliding rails
  • sliding chains in single-layer stenters, multi-layer stenters, festoon dryers, festoon steamers, coating installations - lubrication of sliding rails, chain links and chain pins

Application notes

Klübersynth CTH 2-260 can normally be used to replace other Klüber Lubrication chain oils without specific preparations. It is miscible and compatible with our chain oils so under normal operating conditions the chain system does not require prior cleaning. Oil reservoirs, however, should be completely drained prior to filling them with Klübersynth CTH 2-260. Klübersynth CTH 2-260 can be applied by means of customary pumping, spraying and metering equipment provided the manufacturers' viscosity instructions are observed. Lubrication intervals and quantities are determined by the chain design, lubrication technique and the variable operating conditions. At operating temperatures > 180 °C, chain oil consumption in stenter chains will be at approx. 1.5 to 2 ml of oil per chain metre and shift. Chain sliding rails should be lubricated continuously or at short intervals, taking into account the chain design and length. Long lubrication intervals tend to heighten the risk of wear damage due to lubricant starvation. It is better to apply precisely metered lubricant quantities at regular intervals, i.e. at least once per day or shift. Over-lubrication should be avoided as splashing oil might contaminate the fabric. Note: According to our experience from bench tests and field use, Klübersynth CTH 2-260 does not form varnish build-up, provided that it is applied properly, i.e. chains and sliding rails should be covered with an oil film at all times. Powdered residues may only occur after evaporation of the volatile constituents in the event of excessive thermal stress combined with untimely relubrication. Feeding fresh oil at the right time helps regenerate the residues, ensuring proper supply of the lubrication points with chain oil. To optimise the service life of your equipment or if you have any other questions regarding your application, our experts will be pleased to help you. We look forward to hearing from you.


  • Effective lubrication at high operating temperatures
  • No varnish build-up
  • Low evaporation loss at high temperatures
  • Regenerates pasty used oil at the lubrication points for improved lubrication
  • Good compatibility with non-ferrous metals
  • Very good spreading and wetting ability, also in chains with plastic sprags

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